Our accreditations

CETIAT's aim is to support manufacturers in obtaining the certification required to market their products, based on tests carried out by competent teams and resources suited to changing standards recognised by as many organisations as possible.



CETIAT is ISO 9001:2015 certified by LRQA for all its activities.


ISO 17025

CETIAT has been ISO 17025-accredited by COFRAC for the following services:

  • Hygrometry: permanent laboratory and site, no. 2-21.
  • Thermometry: permanent laboratory and site, no. 2-1116.
  • Liquid flow measurement: permanent laboratory and site, no. 2-57.
  • Gas flow measurement, no. 2-1124.
  • Anemometry, no. 2-58.
  • Pressure measurement: permanent laboratory and site, no. 2-1160.
Tests for accreditation no.1-0021:
  • Thermal and acoustic tests on heat exchangers and thermodynamic compression and sorption equipment
  • Thermal and acoustic tests on equipment and devices using gas fuels
  • Thermal and acoustic tests on equipment and devices using liquid fuels, fitted with atomising burners
  • Tests on equipment and devices using solid fuels
  • Tests on heating bodies using hot water or low-pressure steam
  • Thermal, air handling and acoustic tests on building ventilation systems
  • Ingress protection tests
  • Tests on air filters used in general ventilation
  • Tests of gas fittings and hoses
  • Characterisation of climatic and thermostatic chambers
  • Solar collector tests


CE mark

CETIAT is listed on the Nando Information System as a Notified Body for CE marking under number NB1623 as per Regulation (EU) 305/2011 on the marketing of construction products and the following decisions:
  • 99/471/EC - Space heating appliances without internal energy source (radiators)
  • 99/471/EC - Space heating appliances burning solid and liquid fuels (stoves, fireplaces, inserts, cookers and boilers installed in the living space)
  • 99/472/EC - Pipes, tanks and ancillaries not in contact with water intended for human consumption
  • 99/472/EC - Pipes, tanks and ancillaries not in contact with water intended for human consumption - Valves and taps

CETIAT acts as a third party laboratory under Regulation 2016/426/EU and the efficiency Directive 92/42/EEC.


NF mark

CETIAT acts a third-party laboratory accredited for testing under the following marks:
  • NF 009 - Domestic appliances using liquid or solid fuels
  • NF 047 - Radiators, convectors and ceiling-mounted radiant panels
  • NF 205 - Controlled mechanical ventilation
  • NF 414 - Heat pumps
  • NF 441 - Domestic solar water heaters
  • NF 462 - Multi-energy systems
  • NF Electricité Performance – Heat pump water heaters as per the LCIE 103-15 specifications
  • NF ROB-GAZ valves and flat gaskets for gas installations

ATG mark

CETIAT is a laboratory approved by CERTIgaz under No. ATG-PLT 907 for products covered by the ATG-PLT certification rules:
  • PLT kits - stainless steel folding corrugated hose kits for gas in buildings with service pressure ≤ 0.5 bar
  • Short flexible hoses (FC) for the connection of gas distribution systems falling under the scope of the order of August 2, 1977 amended, in accordance with specifications AFG CCH 2006-01. Short hoses are classified into three families, which correspond to the type of use: penetration hoses (FCP); meter hoses (FCC); regulator hoses (FCD).

Eurovent certification

Eurovent Certification is a voluntary product performance certification programme for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products.

CETIAT acts as a testing laboratory for the following programmes:
  • Liquid Chilling Packages
  • Heat pumps
  • Air filters used in general ventilation
  • Fan coil units

Flamme verte

CETIAT is accredited for the French label Flamme Verte for the following appliances:
  • Wood-fired boilers
  • Stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Inset stoves
  • Cookers


CETIAT is approved by the CSTBat/QB mark to test humidity-controlled ventilation systems.


CETIAT is recognized by DIN CERTCO under No. PL249/3 as a DIN+ mark laboratory for testing water-to-water heat pumps.


CETIAT is recognised by DIN CERTCO (Germany), RISE (Sweden), BRE Global, BBA (United Kingdom) and KIWA (Holland) as a HEAT PUMP KEYMARK testing laboratory for heat pumps.


CETIAT is recognised by the ehpa mark as a heat pump test laboratory.


CETIAT is recognised by the OPair mark (Switzerland) for the following programmes:
  • Burners
  • Fuel oil boilers


CETIAT is accredited by AHRI (Air-conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute) for the following programmes:
  • Air–Cooled Water–Chilling Packages
  • Water–Cooled Water–Chilling Packages
  • Datacom Cooling


CETIAT is accredited by AMCA International (Air Movement and Control Association International) for fan testing according to ISO 5801, ISO 13347-1 and ISO 13347-2.2.



CETIAT is qualified by LNE (French National Metrology and Testing Laboratory) as a provider of energy audits for industrial processes.

CETIAT tests can also be used by manufacturers to help them meet regulatory requirements:
  • Application of French acoustic regulations
  • Application of French regulation on the energy performance of buildings
  • Application of European Directive on product energy labelling
  • Belgian Royal Decree for NOx and CO covering gas boilers and burners