Our partnerships

To contribute fully to the development of efficient solutions for construction and industry, CETIAT has endeavoured to develop national and international partnerships with academia, public and private research centres, laboratories, energy suppliers, public institutes or institutions, certifying bodies, etc.


Support for industrial innovation

CETIAT supports industrial innovation through partnerships focusing on:
  • access to new skills, knowledge or technologies,
  • pooling resources: co-production, reduction of investment and production costs,
  • a better response to needs with a wider range of services,
  • winning new customers.

CETIAT remains in direct contact with public research through multiple partnerships to detect the emergence of new skills. For example, a CETIAT representative sits on the board of the Energy and Environment Engineering Department of INSA Lyon, which trains multi-skilled engineers in these fields


Partnership benefits include increased visibility and awareness of CETIAT, thereby helping to share knowledge more effectively.

Annual events

CETIAT sponsors or co-organises various major events: International Metrology Congress, FAN (international conference on fan noise), French convention on heat pumps (INPAC) etc.

Examples of projects

  • GRHYD demonstrator: the first full-scale trial of power to gas in France, a project coordinated by ENGIE in conjunction with a dozen partners.
  • PROMEVENT: work to improve the quality of ventilation system audit protocols in partnership with Cerema, AQC and the EFFINERGIE association.
  • ALLICE (Industrial Alliance for Competitiveness and Energy Efficiency): this organisation aims to lead the energy efficiency sector in industrial areas and to support innovation in this field.
  • ECOTEST: a project bringing together 22 partners from 12 countries to evaluate standards used and the reproducibility of EU laboratory measurements.
  • FOODEFREEZE project : optimise the defrosting of food freezing and storage systems to save energy, improve equipment productivity and guaranteeing product quality, with GEA, AQUIMER and CRITT PACA.

Joint publications

Contributions to a number of publications by other organisations position CETIAT as an indispensable player in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, air handling, acoustics and metrology.