Providing valuable support for industrial firms, metrology helps to improve design and production, guarantee the quality of products and services, and  reduce the number of health-related and environmental risks.


Calibration is one component of the metrology function that contributes to the science of measurement.

Metrology is a performance driver for:
  • improved design,
  • improved production,
  • guaranteed quality of products and services,
  • fewer health and environmental risks.
As an independent laboratory, CETIAT performs calibrations for the physical values commonly used in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air handling fields, namely:


LBacked by recognised expertise in metrology and over 50 years of experience, CETIAT is part of the French National Metrology Network, with three national standard laboratories active in hygrometry, liquid flow measurement (water) and anemometry. These laboratories guarantee the best uncertainties for these quantities in France. They are complemented by three other accredited laboratories for thermometry, gas flow rate and pressure measurement.


Laboratory services can be delivered on-site as CETIAT has the human and material resources to calibrate and verify instruments for hygrometry, thermometry, pressure and liquid flow measurement under COFRAC accreditation.

These on-site calibration services are supplemented by the characterisation and verification of climatic and thermostatic chambers as per the NF X 15-140 or NF EN 60068 standards, also under COFRAC accreditation.

Apart from exceptional cases, all calibrations and verifications of measurement instruments, including after adjustment, are carried out under COFRAC accreditation as per the ISO 17025 standard. As COFRAC is a signatory to the EA MLA (European co-operation for Accreditation Multilateral Agreement) and the ILAC MRA (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement), CETIAT’s ISO 17025 accreditation is recognised by equivalence in all signatory countries to these agreements (about 40 for EA, about 80 for ILAC).



calibrations per year*

3 national standard laboratories:

  • Hygrometry
  • Liquid flow measurement (water)
  • Anemometry

€3488 K

annual revenue*

3 accredited laboratories:

  • Thermometry
  • Gas flow measurement
  •  Pressure measurement

*2019 data