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Calibrations / Metrology

Calibrations or metrology services

For almost 50 years, CETIAT has provided a scientific and technical support to industry about aerodynamics and heat sciences. A most performing calibration and measuring instruments verification service has thus been developed for physical quantities useful to those activity areas.

Today, our calibration and measuring instruments verification service offers:

  • A high metrological expertise for 6 quantities: air moisture, temperature, pressure,
    air velocity, gas and liquid flow rates
  • COFRAC accredited calibration plants, which testify to teams competency, means and process appropriateness and reported uncertainties guaranty
  • the excellence of 3 reference laboratories of the COFRAC calibration chain, for hygrometry, anemometry and liquid (water) flow rates measurements, which have the best calibration performance in France.

Our calibration and measuring instruments verification services lead to low calibration uncertainties, essential to be sure that your measurement process are appropriate. They also enable the calibration of your multifunction units (air moisture, temperature, pressure, air velocity) in only one step, on site control of climatic chambers and on-site calibrations in order to shorten the time of immobilisation for your materials or to calibrate non-transportable instruments.

On the whole, the number of measuring instruments calibrated by CETIAT each year is over 3000.

Download the catalogue Metrology 2010 - including the specifications of the calibration benches (PDF format). Download the catalogue of studies in the field of Metrology.

Calibration and measuring instruments verification in laboratory:

On-site calibration and performance verification:


When asked, the CETIAT experts are at your disposal for:

  • Technical assistance, consulting and training in metrology (selection of measuring instruments, evaluation of measuring uncertainties, technology watch,...)
  • Assessment and improvement of measuring methods and instruments
  • Tests and measurements on industrial site
  • Commissioning of installations and audits


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