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Our approach

Since its creation, CETIAT has gained a strong expertise about aerodynamics and fluids mechanics, heat sciences, acoustics and metrology.

More than 2000 companies resort to our services:

  • CETIAT offers technological resources, information and tools
  • CETIAT is an expert providing relevant diagnoses, reliable measurements and precious advice on HVAC appliances and systems for ventilation and heating of industrial processes as well as on the associated metrology.
  • CETIAT helps you with your R.&D. projects in providing your teams with skills and design / development tools

1. Technological resources

Technical information and training are essential for each field of activity.
For aerodynamics, acoustics, metrology and heat sciences, CETIAT is your solution.

1.1. Technology watch
CETIAT experts monitor permanent technological developments and on request perform special technology watch projects using all available resources.

1.2. Training
More than 20 training sessions themes are available and presented in our catalogue: metrology, testing methods and measurements, performance assessment of appliances, design and optimisation of appliances and systems...
As a complementary offer, we also propose tailor-made training sessions and develop them on request.

1.3. Testing
According to your needs, we can put test rooms and testing installations for rent at your disposal, in order to perform conformity tests, products development or manufacturing process tests.

1.4. Information exchange
Our experts are ready to exchange about their experience by setting up or participating to technical meetings in your company.
By subscribing to our publications, you will gain information concerning the ongoing technical changes in& your activity field.

2. Expertise about appliances and systems

2.1. Audit and consulting
From consulting sessions to studies based on a specifications sheet, we proportion the answer to your need, always favouring the quality of the expertise.

2.2. Performance assessment of appliances
Either in our testing laboratories, on your premises or the ones of your clients, the mastery of testing and measurement techniques enables CETIAT to assess with a high accuracy the performances of your appliances. In numerous cases, results may be used to meet regulations or certification requirements or to answer to special requests from your clients.

2.3. Metrology and calibration
We have COFRAC guaranteed laboratories to calibrate sensors and measurements appliances in :

  • Hygrometry
  • Thermometry
  • Liquid flow rate measurement
  • Pressure
  • Air velocity

Our calibrations in laboratory also concern multifunction portable measuring devices, gas analysers and dust probes.

3. Contribution to R&D projects

CETIAT assists you all along the design and industrialisation of components, appliances and systems.

3.1. Product design
By using numerical simulation and our tests capacities, we can predict the products performance, test different solutions before the prototypes are achieved and thus shorten the design processes and make them more reliable.

3.2. Testing
We performed "tailor-made" tests to characterise your products while they are being developed or during their launch to market ; we also monitor appliances while they are being used.

3.3. Manufacturing processes
Our experience enables us to help you in the following fields:

  • The design of manufacturing processes using heat : heating, drying, polymerisation, baking, radio-exposition......
  • The solving of problems linked to air flows and acoustics : air exhaust, temperature, flow rate....

3.4. Technology transfer
The multidisciplinary experience of our teams allows CETIAT to be a highly effective partner in understanding industrial problems. Being in permanent contact with research laboratories and other technical centres helps our experts to mobilise further resources to carry your projects through a successful conclusion..