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FAN 2012 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Fan Noise, Fan Technology and Numerical Methods - Senlis 2012
CD Rom (650 pages)

Reference : fan2012

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Authors: Geoff SHEARD, Alain GUEDEL, Alessandro CORSINI (Chairmen of the Conference)

The design of fans has evolved to meet the ever-increasing demands for higher-efficiency machines, combined with the requirements for lower noise and high availability. In addition, many fans are now being used in safety-related applications, such as smoke control in buildings and underground spaces in the event of a fire. Variable speed is now more common, leading to some additional design problems, and many existing users are revisiting their plant, looking at ways to upgrade the fans. The use of numerical simulation techniques is also becoming an established part of aerodynamic design processes.
The conference is a forum for fan and system designers, manufacturers and operators, with the aim of improving our understanding of fans and their system interaction. The conference combines the series of IMechE international conferences on Fan Technology and the CETIAT/CETIM International Symposium on Fan Noise.
Additionally, the increasing importance of theoretical methods and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in non-aerospace applications is recognised, with the resulting Fan 2012 International Conference having three separate, but complementary, tracks: Indutrial Technology / Fan Noise / Theoretical & Numerical Methods

In English

ISBN 978-0-9572374-1-4

The topics are:
- Tonal Noise Control with Flow Obstructions
- Fan Mechanical Design
- Numerical Optimisation of Centrifugal Fan Performances
- Computational Aeroacoustics
- HVAC and Condenser Fans
- Unsteady Aerodynamics and Flow Simulations
- Tonal Noise Reduction
- Noise Control by Passive Means
- Performance Measurements
- CFD Validation Studies
- Computational Aeroacoustics
- Aerodynamic Design
- Design and Optimisation
- Noise of Cooling Fans in Automotive Applications
- Codes, Standards and Legislation
- Flow Characteristics of Centrifugal Fans Page
- Noise Predication and Investigation for Axial Fans
- Vibrations and Failure Analysis
- Active Noise Control and Noise Analysis

Year of publication: 2012


  • Ventilateurs


  • Acoustique
  • Modélisation
  • Ventilateurs cage d'écureuil
  • Ventilateurs centrifuges
  • Ventilateurs hélicoïdes
  • Ventilateurs tangentiels
  • Ventilateurs
  • Aérodynamique des ventilateurs
  • Mécanique des fluides

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